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    When I bought the Vaja T65 case I debated whether to get a belt clip stub or not. I went with not getting one because the treo had to be in my pocket while I was in school. I spent a while looking for a holster I could use to keep the treo on my belt outside of school.

    After checking and double checking measurements I orderd the nutshell style 213 case.
    I orderd the plain black one with the belt clip, tap top, no shouder strap, and no front pocket. When I got it the height was perfect, the depth was perfect, but the length was a little big, which I knew it would be. Instead of trying to do something myself I took it to the local leather shop and had them sew another row stitches about 3/16 of a inch in from the orginal stitches on both sides. I also put glued another inch of velcro onto the case extending the original velcro so the strap can come down farther. (Since the handheld it was made for was a little taller)

    Now I have a great leather case to match my beautiful Vaja case and I can keep my Vaja T65 on my belt without having that stub. Plus the clip on these nutshells are really strong.

    I will post pictures in the next few days.
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    I use the Nutshell for skinned fits my Treo in VajaT65 (without beltclip) well.
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