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    Since upgrading to Chatter 1.1.4 when Chatter awakens from its sleep in the morning to login to my IMAP server, the screen comes on and stays on after receiving the messages (it is plugged in overnight and I have the "always on" utility that keeps it on when it is plugged in). I don't recall prior versions of Chatter turning the screen on upon awakening and I'd rather it didn't.

    It would also be nice if Chatter's sleep hours could be set for each day of the week. (I keep it on my nightstand and it vibrates when it retrieves new message. I have it set to wake when I get up on weekdays, but would like Chatter to "sleep in" on weekends.)
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    Chatter doesn't leave the screen on, ever. It must be some other software.

    The week days for sleep is a longstanding request; I'd like to get to it before long.


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