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    After doing a system restore after a hard reset, Versamail seems to think that it is still 11/12 (the date of my last backup) and it won't download any messages later than this date!

    Even if I create a new account, it will only get messages older that 11/12...

    Any ideas as to how I can resolve this?
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    A point of clarification, it will download the messages, it just won't include these messages in the inbox. It is odd. It will register that I have 10 new messages, download them, and then they are not in the inbox for some reson.
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    well chances are , its your "saved prefs" file that is corrupt.if it's not too much trouble for you then do a hard reset,do not restore but go directly to worsamail(i use snapper now and havent looked back) ,create an account, then download and see what happens. if you can get all your emails w/o problems then it "might" be your saved this case restore everything BUT saved prefs and do the same thing with your account email. if you still have no problems then you'll have to ditch the saved prefs file and start from scratch.if you do experience the same problem then you'll have to do a structured restore and see which file it is.what i mean by that is only restore about 10-15 files at a time and then go check your account until you find the batch of files you do incounter the problem with,that way you'll know what batch the bad file is in, hope this helps.

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