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    Delete it from both the 650 and the Toyota - then re-pair and it should work
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    After multiple deletions and re-pairing, I think it works. What a headache, but so far (fingers crossed) it seems to be staying connected.
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    I have a Lexus GS430 and the tips you give worked like a charm. E
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    Quote Originally Posted by AMVMommy
    I have the Toyota Sienna and it has the same bluetooth as the Lexus. When I first got the car in Decemeber I was able to pair up and use it easily, but in the last week or two, it has been un-connecting or when I go to call it says the phone is not connected. Now I am trying to re-pair everything and am having a devil of a time doing it. Used the instructions from Climber Rich and it paired, but only for 1 call. Got any ideas?

    I have the same did you fix it?
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    I tried to follow the instructions to pair my 755p with my 2004 LS 340 and I don't see anywhere to initiate the pairing from the car. It only seems to want to initiate the pairing from the phone.

    Has anyone ever heard of Lexus issuing an update for the navigation/phone system. It seems strange that all other hardware in this arena can benefit from updates, but not car navigation systems (short of buying the new model).
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