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    I've been in touch with 1and1, and they've given me a great hosting deal-- $7 per month for 1 gig of space. Importantly, their Exchange server can be accessed through IMAP, so I can use both Chatter and the Nexchange PIM software.

    They say they implement the IDLE command. Does anyone using this have a problem with push mail?
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    Don't get IMAP service from them! It's a flaky implementation, and I am NOT impressed with their tech support.

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    I've heard this too and I steered away from them. I use Surpass Hosting and I pay $15 month for 7Gigs for myself of web/email space, as well as an additional 7gigs for developer space (hosting other websites). They have very good service and are recommended highly in various forums.
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    OK, its a shamless self promotion, but I offer hosting via my company, Green Olive Tree and we support IMAP and the idle command. I use chatter myself with my own servers, no problem.

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    I have problems with 1&1 just with checking email from a desktop client! Their email systems seem flakey, they are annoying to configure in their control panel, and I'll likely be switching my domains that are hosted there to another location in the near future.

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