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    I'm talking about the one with the button on it which enabled me to make a call/disconnect when used in my Nokia phone.

    I can't get it to work with the Treo. I don't even get audio out of it.
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    Maybe because it's not the right connector?

    The Treo comes with a headset on it with a button to disconnect calls, placing calls I'm not sure, obviously to answer calls.
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    I don't think there is more than one kind of a 4 conductors connector.

    Here's a pic of mine:
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    That headset will not work. You need one with 2 black rings. There are some with an answer/end button.
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    How does the answer button work if you have only 2 rings (3 conductors) ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoti
    How does the answer button work if you have only 2 rings (3 conductors) ?
    Not sure how, it just does. It also launched Voice Signal for placing calls.

    There is also an app on this site that enables the button to control different functions as well ie; Ptunes- pause, next and back, ect...
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    The Treo 650 (not 600) does use a 4 conductor phone jack, but it is not the same as the one for Nokia.

    Nokia uses 2 conductors for the earbud and the other 2 for the mic, with the button shorting the connection between + and - of the mic, which drops the impedance.

    Palm uses a 4 conductor jack on the 650, but conductor 3 and 4 get shorted out together when using a regular 3 conductor plug. These 2 together are ground. A regular 3 conductor plug is like those used in the regular headset and stereo headset. The right channel (middle or conductor #2) converts to mic out when it sees high impedance (mic). This causes problems with high impedance devices.

    The 4 conductors on the treo 650 (only) are only used with the 2-in-1 headset that is specifically made for the 650. the wierd part is that mic out goes to conductor #4, #3 is ground, #2 right, #1 left (tip).

    Does this help? You can use your headset, but you need to rewire it, so you might as well make a 2-in-1 version. The button always goes between the mic + and -
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    I learned this from disecting a Treo 650 and reading the developers manual... which by the way contains errors which were cleared once I looked at the 650 phone jack.

    I am working on creating documantation and a how-to for fixing the impedance problem internally and a bunch of other stuff...
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    I've just finished experimenting with 4 wire 2+1 headset for Treo 650. You have a little mistake - pin 4 is ground and pin 3 is Mic+. Everything is the same as you explained. The answer button shorts out the mic, the jack's tip is left channel and next ring to it is right.
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    You are correct... That actually poped into my head early this morning at about 4AM!!! I couldn't sleep after that.

    Thanks for the info Koleto, were you able to get your headset to work good? where did you get the separate parts from?
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    Hi Nonobeez,

    Yes for now the "headset" is working great. I used my old "mono" treo 270 headset because it has 2.5mm 4 pin connecor. I carefully opened the box where the mic and answering button are and I removed the earpiece. There is a small PCB holding the button and the mic. So I just resolder the wires and it worked... Now I want to place a small 3.5mm female stereo connector on top of that black box so I can use my Sony stereo headphones from my no needed anymore MD player. This connector I took from a standard computer CD-ROM drive. If you want I can post pictures when I'm ready...
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    Good idea! Yes, please post some pictures and more info when you can. I am actually working on a slick way to use a 3.5mm headset, I will hopefully post more info later this week.
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    Here you are some pictures... Sorry for the bad quality but I have only my treo with me now. But I think you will understand the idea... The first one is wired only for testing. The others are just the headset disasembled. I'll try to find good camera to picture everything when ready.. Hope this will help.
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    Sorry for my ignorance, but what is to be gained by using a four conductor headset? I am assuming I am missing something as there are already several headsets (3 conductor) that have an answer/end button.

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    Well, the main purpose is to have stereo headset so you can listen your favorites MP3's or have the stereo sound of your movies and in the same time when you receive a call to be able to answer only with a button press... All this you cannot do with 3 pin headset. The 3 pin headset is only a stereo headset but without a mic and button in it or mono headset with mic and button.
    The second goal: with this "adapter" you can use any standart quality stereo headphones with 3.5mm jack with your treo so you will find out what a perfect quality sound treo can give.
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    On the 650, you can actually receive a phone call and hear on the stereo headphone and talk via the internal mic.

    The 2-in-1 is actually pretty slick, but it's much better to make your own with quality earbuds. Can't wait to see the finished job.
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    Ahh.... I missed the stereo part.
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    Hi Nonobeez,

    Sorry for making you wait for so long. I've finished my project and I have a great chance to test it in real situations. Last week I traveled 40 hours by bus so it just worked perfect. Here are some pictures again made with treo but I'll do my best to find digital camera to made a beter quality ones. I've seen what you've done with your antenna ! GREAT WORK!
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    they are stereo and have mic and button
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    Also look here for the document describing behaviour of all 4 pins:

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