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    Hi, I have a couple quick question.

    First, am I correct that the new 1.15 version of the updater for Cingular enabled BT DUN?

    Second, one reason I want to get the Treo 650 is because it uses Cingular's EDGE network. If I get an unlocked version of the phone, does that still use EDGE? Or, does it have to be a Cingular locked phone to take advantage of it? In other words, is there something specific to the Cingular version of the phone that enables EDGE data speeds?

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    I have an unlocked Cingular phone and EDGE works just fine.
    iPhone in the Washington DC area.
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    Cool thanks! That's what I was hoping
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    Is one any better than the other. I mean between the Cingular locked and the unlocked?
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    With the Palm Uunlocked you don't get all the Cingular "crap" in the ROM.

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