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    I need some help.

    I had Delorme's Street Atlas installed on my desktop and transfered a map file to my SD card which began to cause problems so, I removed Street Atlas from my desktop.

    When I went to hot sync my Treo, Hot Sync still tried to transfer the map file. The map file is deleted from my desktop but the transfer continues to be attempted which creates a Hot Sync error.

    I disable the "Install to Card" option on the hot sync manager and the sync works fine. I've looked in the Quick Intall window and nothing is cued to be transferred.

    Any idea where I can find the cue to transfer the deleted file and restore order to my Hot Sync?

    One footnote.... I still have Street Atlas on my Treo and can sync with no problem with my laptop. I wonder if I need to delete it from my Treo to stop the mystery transfer?
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    Did it by chance create a map conduit to your palm?

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    No clue. What is it and where would I find it?
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    Right click on the hotsync icon in your system tray and choose custom. That will give you a list of installed conduits and the action they are set to perform. If there is one for the atlas, set it to do nothing as default.
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    There was one but now it is gone. When it was there, you couldn't modify it.
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    Figured it out.
    I installed Street Atlas on another laptop and after searching the help section apparently the file transfer is really sensative to large files (5mb or greater) and it locks the Hot Sync manager up.
    Even after you delete the map file, a copy remains in a Palm Directory folder waiting to be transfered. Once I deleted it, Everything went back to normal.

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