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    ok... well my screen went dead after dropping the phone. I tried hooking it up and pressing the hotsync button on the cable as usual but no dice. I also tried pressing the menu button and then the H button for "hotsync" and then pressing enter, but still nothing.

    I havent synced in a while and I really need to update my contacs and all that on my PC. Can anybody type a walkthrough I can follow to sync. I also checked my settings on Hotsync Manager and mad sure it doesnt have to be open for the Sync to work. I even made sure it was running in the background and open and still didnt work. I need to go get my replacement but dont just cant withou Sync-ing first PLEASE HELP ME! THANKS ALOT!!
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    It's dead. Bury it.

    If pressing the hotsync button and doing the menu and h button didn't initiate a sync there is nothing that can be done.
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    NO! awww... well is there any way to transfer my contacts from the phone to my SD card then? i doubt it. The screen has power to it, just looks like it got shot.. I can make and recieve calls if i press home then phone and start dialing. Also i can still press home and R to get to real player for music from the sd card. Well thanks for the help anyways, BYE!

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