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    I've searched google, I've searched Palm, I've searched the forums.....can anyone tell me the difference between Hardware A and Hardware B? My original Treo 650 (A) had screen trouble so out came the refurb (B), I fixed the screen using the paper around the edge trick but now which do I keep?
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    I like b better.
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    One letter ?
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    I have read somewhere that in B they supposedly did a better job with issues like headphone jacks and things like that. I can't find the thread, or article I read that in right now.
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    I have hardware A and my wife has B. Her screen is brighter or maybe just less tinted than mine, her buttons have a better press and bounce back feel, her finish is more dull (I don't like the shinny look of mine).

    Do you even get a choice though. Don't you have to return the refurb?
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    I have to return one of them.
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    Survey says: "A"
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    Perhaps they are made by different subcontract manufacturers.
    I don't know but I know this topic has been discussed before.
    Try searching again.
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    I've seen both but can't tell much of a diff. The only things noticeable so far are that the "sound mode on" slider switch icon is filled in black and for Sprint, it now carries the new Sprint/Nextel logo.
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    My co-worker has a new B unit and the screen is whiter or brighter. What ever it is it looks a little better.
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    From the vast majority of reports the B version have a slightly yellowish tint to the screen
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    Is there a GSM ver b?
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    The "silence" switch on the top of the Treo shows a black speaker for off on ver. B.
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    I originally had a rev b. It had speaker trouble and they sent me a rev a refurb. Honestly the a has a better screen in my opinion more white not a yellowish tint to it. I did notice that I could overclock the rev b with a faster speed than the a not sure if it is a rev thing or a coincidence.
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    i've had the hardware b for a long time, and it just finally crapped on me. I now have the hardware a and for me, I think the battery life is a lot longer. maybe i'm seein things, but my treo is still runnin good on battery.
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    I just got a Sprint rev-B replacement device. Brand new, no time on the clock when I got it. All great. The button action is all good and the screen is bright, crisp, and not at all "yellowish". I'm thrilled.
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    I've seen three different types of screens total on these treos. On the A's I've seen a really beautiful, really nice contrast screen (mine) and a screen that has slightly less contrast, but no color deviation (a friends). And then I saw two B's, one with a really yellowish tinted screen, and one with a screen that was exactly the same as my friend's (slightly less contrast). I'm not sure why there's so much variation in something that matters so much to the look of the device, but it doesn't seem to be hardware rev specific. However, I have to say, the screen on my A is the most beautiful screen I've seen on any device, phone or PDA. It's almost too bright, and the contrast is great.

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