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    If I buy a blue tooth GPS gizmo and some software - will my 650 (I am in the UK) do that talking navigation - and spit out vocal "turn left, turn right messages" ?

    Or mounted on the dash - can the display show anything that can be read (without crashing your car) that is of use?

    Sorry to be a dummy..

    Can someon spell it out for me please?

    What will it cost me approx?

    Or should I just get a separate car dash mount TomTom unit and not screw around trying to get my phone do too much...?

    I DO love a gadget!

    Thanks very much in advance
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    most any mapping package will do this. Mapopolis, TomTom...etc..
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    I hate how TomTom will say turn left and then turn left but the second left may be several miles down the road.

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