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    Does anyone know about what month of the year tomtom 5 and 2004 came out? I am just seeing if it is a good idea just to wait for tomtom 6 to come out instead of getting it for christmas. I have been searching around for this, or if there are any rumors on what they may add. Just the problem is I bought my treo 650 used from a family member, he has tomtom 5 on here and it works great but does not have the regional maps, just the state ones. He has missplaced his cds and I really need the regional maps since i live on the edge of a state and go back and forth between the two everyday and cant plan routes like I would like. The only thing i can think of is buying the software again. Any ideas on that would help greatly as well.
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    Im not clear what it is your looking for. Is it the State map packs or something different? Do you mean you only have one state and are looking for another?
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    Could be awhile before they update the maps because from what I read Tomtom is somewhat slow in updating their maps! Just my guess. But you might email and ask the same question. They may also be able to give you a break on some disks they might have taken back as they might have open boxes.
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    Check out this link. It's an article about the company that supplies the maps to TomTom. It explains how they are created and how long it takes for the updates to reach the TomTom users. Very interesting.
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    i guess i wasnt clear magohn, thanks for the info guys, but basically i was asking what month of the year did 2004 and 2005 tomtom versions come out so i can get an idea about when TOMTOM 6 will come out this next year. I am missing the cds for tomtom, and only have the single state maps on my treo. I am missing the regional maps, and if tomtom 6 wont come out for a long time, i was just going to buy all the maps again, unless someone has a cheaper way to go. Thanks for the idea Exipidia. Ill have to check with them. Any more info would be appreciated still guys, thanks.
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    Interesting problem. I believe Navigator 5 came out in July 2005. If you search the forum, you can probably find out when 2004 came out. However, the initial activation occurs with the first map but seems to carry over when subsequent maps are installed. Since the license is for use on a specific hardware device, the copy on the Treo should be ok but I don't know if Tomtom support would be helpful or not. When I did my initial install, two of the map CDs were defective (would not load the setup software) so I contacted them and they sent out two replacement CDs (within a few days). If you can get some info on the original purchase or map activation, you might be able to get replacement CDs from them. Also, it would be worth trying to get the original activation code since it could become a problem if you have software issues on the Treo.

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