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    I just got the Globalstat BT-388 and the TomTom Navigator 5 software...


    However, I do have a few questions here is one to start:

    1- WHen i want to find a point of interest (to potentially add to my favorites), is there a way to see the address first?

    For example, i live in NYC, and I am planning a trip to Philly... I wanted to look up the Residence Inn in Philadelphia to add to my favorites, and when i type in residence inn, i get a list of several "Residence inn" (listed from closest to fartherest....) only no address is listed??? I simply selected the one that was about 90 miles away (and it turns out i found the right one..) I can imagine trying to find a particular "McDonalds" and getting a list of a thousand locations... with the only reference being "how far from current location..." that is not good enough.

    How can one visualize the address of a common chain store or hotel from the POI menu before selecting it?

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    I use the browse maps feature, and point to a specific place on the map and then look for POIs. Unfortunately, if more than one place is the desired distance away, TT doesn't show the address on the POIs ( or the direction for that matter) so I have to guess which one I want. And guess what, if I guess wrong, I have to start all over.

    I love TT because of the routing display and because I don't need my Garmin ique in the car anymore... But... The ique totally blows away the TT in POI database and search functionality.

    Also, another gripe, TT doesn't tell you which side of the road the destination is on, which sometimes would be very helpful.
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    I also use the POI in city option. This allows you to select a remote city first and then enter the POI data. However, if there are multiple locations within a city, you get the listing with distances from some unknown city center location. It helps some but locating POIs is still Tomtom's biggest weakness. It sure would help if there were a way to get a POI address without reverting to the map view.
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    thanks guys..... this helped.
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    *Just* got Tomtom 5 and Globalstat Bt gps. I must say, this is really quite awesome. It's just amazing how well it works on the 650. 2 quick questions:

    1) I installed a region of about 5 states around my area (great that they give so many options for this). However, I find that if I've been doing other stuff on the treo, I frequently get a soft reset on starting TT. I had 5 megs free, which was not easy to do (I have some large apps that just have to stay in RAM). If I increase it to 5.8 megs, it seems to work better (no soft resets so far). Have others experienced needing to keep this much memory free? If I were using a smaller region, would I still have this problem? (Just using it in my local area right now).

    2) Is there a setting to actually SEE what those POIs are while driving around (as opposed to just the box with an x in it)?


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