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    So. I experienced a terrible thing this past Sunday. I accidentally damaged my Treo 650 in a horrific way, I thought I'd have to buy a new one, and Lord knows I don't have another $450. Lockline insurance does not insure Cingular's Treo 650, so that wasn't an option. Instead, I chose to send it to Palm for repair. If they are unable to repair it, they will send me a refurb. Somehow, I think the chances are high I will be getting a refurb.

    So, refurb users: how is your Treo 650 refurb working out? Did it look new when you got it? Have you been experiencing issues with its performance? Does it constantly soft reset without provocation? Have there been any other little strange happenings? Or has it been working very well?

    I hope the news is good.
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    I've Had A Referb Since Day 2 Of My Purchase, The First 2 I Returned Cause They Got Stuck In A Reset Loop// Come To Find Out It Was Ringo Doing It, Anyhow, My Refurb Is Well, Looked And Looks Brand New, No Problems, Running Stable With Maybe 1 Reset A Week Or So.. Looooooooots Of 3rd Party Apps Running Too.

    Good Luck!

    Sorry Aboutt He Caps.. Forgot To Turn Off...
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    I had the dreaded reset every morning, so I returned the unit. The refurb unit is great *except* that the earpiece seems scratchy sounding, like an old phone. The headset sounds great though. I'm not sure if it's bad enough for me to return the unit though -- don't want to get popped out of the pan and into the fire so-to-speak.

    Best of luck!
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    My VZW Refurb performs flawlessly!!!

    I fried my New original doing the 1.03 updater, & they advised me that the replacement would be a refurb. Who knows if that's the truth, as VZW hadn't had it all that long.

    The refurb looks and performs perfect. It actually feels more solid & better put-together than the original.

    On a side note, I was advised that the refurb would come pre-loaded w/ 1.03, but when I received it, it still only had 1.01, which I still have to this day.

    I am too traumatized to try updating to 1.04 on my own, so I'll stick to 1.01 for now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by WiggyFife
    The refurb looks and performs perfect. It actually feels more solid & better put-together than the original.
    I am VERY happy with it & I totally agree with WiggyFife. I bought one because I needed to send my unlocked gsm Treo in for repair or replacement. The first 24 hrs without a treo was so painful. So I purchased the Cingular refurb for $139.

    Treo 650 unlocked & locked with Cingular
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    Just got a refurb in the mail from Cingular yesterday. Phone is in like-new condition, I can only imagine it was a return within the first 30 days. Like you I had a broken 650 and was nervous to see how the refurb would perform, so far so good!

    Good luck and let us know what happens
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    My wife's Cingular refurb looks brand new, 1.15SW, 768 minutes on the life timer. So far no problems at all out of it.
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    Had mine for two weeks now. Was in perfect condition when received. Did have a random reset problem that I tracked to a particular SD card. Reformatting that card eliminated that problem and have only had one random reset since and that is related to an older version of TCPMP.

    Very happy so far with my Cingular refurb!

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    I've had a refurb version B for about two months and it's 100% solid. Much better then my original 650.
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    OK, I feel much better now. Some of you have said that your refurbs were better than the brand new ones you bought, so my confidence level has definitely gone up. According to the e-mail message Palm sent me about the repair process and factoring in the Thanksgiving holiday, I should receive my repaired or replaced Treo 650 by Nov 30. It's been so difficult not having my Treo with me. I feel naked!

    Thanks, you guys. I'll check in and let you know how it's working once I receive it.
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    I'm almost certain Verizon sent me a refirbed 650 to replace my Kyocera 7135.

    Its been pretty much perfect. Very solid. No problems.

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    I've had 3 refurb sent to me and all had issues. First one would not allow any calls so I was unable to activate it. 2nd one would not sync. 3rd one, camera had a line in the picture. I just kept the 3rd one. Then later after activating it found the P to be unresponsive at times and softer than the other keys. I'd ask for another replacement but I have feeling I'm gonna get a bad one again. I'll probably just take it to a repair center to get it fixed. "Getting a replacement from Sprint is like a box of never know what youre gonna get"
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    I bet your "line in picture" doesn't exist anymore. It's NOT a hardware problem, it's an event handler problem.

    Sad how many people returned their Treos over it, glad to hear you didn't.
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    I received my Treo 650 returned to me by Palm and I can tell they sent me my phone back fully repaired. There were two sets of very small scratches on the outer metal casing of the phone when I sent it to them and they are still there which tells me they repaired my phone.

    It is working flawlessly. Thank goodness I didn't have to buy a new one. Whew.
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    One from Cingular, refrub unit for $139 w/2yr contract was great great though sending it back since I got the Compusa midnight madness sprint for $99...less expensive data plans.
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    Just received my 2nd refurb this weekend. The first one the vibrator (silent mode) didn't work when I got it and the ear speaker was weak.

    This new one so far seems ok (crossed fingers) with everything!

    But I'm biased, had a 600 for so long, I'm just happy to have a good phone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by motor
    One from Cingular, refrub unit for $139 w/2yr contract was great great though sending it back since I got the Compusa midnight madness sprint for $99...less expensive data plans.
    Tell Cingular to sell it to me

    I hope they run that deal again
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    I got mine today, and after using it for a few calls, thought to check the life timer. 16 minutes! I wished I'd checked it before I made any calls but was in the emergency room and couldn't remember the code. I did the update when I got home, and that went flawlessly. I swear this Treo is brand new...perfect!
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    I'm on my third Cingular T650 replacement now due to GSM unlocking problems. For some reason the replacement/refurb phones do not take the Cingular-provided unlock codes. My original, brand new, T650 did.

    I've contacted Palm tech support today and was told someone would contact me in 24-48 hours regarding my unlocking issue. Apparently, the replacement Treos Cingular is sending out CAN NOT be unlocked.

    ...Very strange, replacement seekers beware!
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    I dropped my treo 650 5 feet onto solid tile. 2 small dents. But then the headset stopped working.

    New refurb is perfect.
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