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    Just noticed in the list that today is your b-day. From all your loyal Chatter minions....

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    Hey, thanks!


    p.s. Why am I working today?
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    Happy birthday as well...what is it, your 20th?

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    Happy Birthday! Marc!
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    happy bday!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Happy Birthday! Marc!
    And to you too, RB Happy Birthday!!!
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    aw shucks, you guys are so sensitive...
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    Happy Birthday Marc, now get back to work! j/k....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Happy Birthday! Marc!
    Isn't it your birthday too ronbo?

    So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both!
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    Happy Birthday Marc you are the man...
    I'll be sendind you a nice log with lots of bugs as a gift.

    Enjoy it.

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    Happy Birthday Marc and Ronbo2000!
    I know it's late in the day but I hope you both had a good one!
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    Thanks you all.

    This is a really a thread for Marc which I feel so honored to part of.

    to you Marc for all your accomplishments and your help to the Treo users community!!!
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    Happy B-day!

    And thank you for all you've done for the computer world throughout your career!

    Andy Wolber
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    Happy B-day guys! I hope your Treos took you out to a very special dinner, and that they are treating you right.
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    Happy birthday, Marc!

    Best wishes and thanks for your friendship to all Treo users--and incredible responsiveness.


    PS True to form, like a real Treo user, I am posting this via Treo while riding an Amtrak train from NYC to Albany!
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    While I join all the others in seriously wishing y'all the Happiest of Birthdays, I hope you can reconcile the fact that you both are just one day closer to death

    Here's to your long and prosperous lives
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    Have a very Happy Birthday Marc!
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    Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes. In honor of the day, I actually took a few hours off!


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