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    The original question, which coppertop has gotten back to in the last post, has nothing to do with which is better. It asked which is more professional. It is not easy to answer and is easy to argue because "professional" is a vague term. Many would consider the BB more professional for a few reasons.

    1. It is simple. It does what it is supposed to, reliably, securely, and consistently with minimal support.
    2. It is very cost effective (ie. cheaper than a treo with data service)
    3. It is relatively rugged (ie. moreso than a treo)

    Treo's allow for a much broader range of functionality. However, this requires tweaking. You can mess up your treo pretty easily if you really start playing around. This is costly in time, support, and loss of service. Corporations don't like that. However, many corporations provide tools for people and allow them to figure out how to use them most effectively. This is where the Treo's power comes into the professional world. It can do more than the blackberry, but requires the go-getter; the innovative; those willing to think outside the box. Corporations don't always encourage this.

    As for which is "more professional"? Both are very professional. The Treo has professional look and feel, leaning toward the sllek and sexy. The BB does as well, but leaning toward the industrial look and feel. I don't think either is looked at as more or less professional.
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    Some research firm just published a converged device benchmark report entitled "Blackberry Learning Curve Too Steep for Consumers as PalmOne Treo Sets New Usability Standard"
    Palm III > HS Visor > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 750 > Treo Pro > PrePlus GSM

    "95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR."
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoStallion
    Your Treo will look much more professional after their Blackberry service gets cut off due to RIMs copyright infringement case
    I don't want to start a whole "thing" over my comment here either, but I have read in several threads of the eminent demise of Blackberry. And probably most everyone is just making off the cuff remarks. RIM is not going away any time soon. The NTP/RIM legal tangle is over how much money NTP claims that RIM owes them over patent infringement. NTP has no competing offering in the marketplace. NTP is a "concern" (in the words of the press release I read this morning) interested in protecting the patent rights of the Chicago man whose technology NTP claims that RIM "stole". The press release characterized this concern as a group of people - not a company with a competing product.

    The latest chapter in the soap opera is that the courts have ruled that NTP's request for an injunction to shut down RIM operations in the US was denied. Without making any accusations, it is not difficult to connect the dots when a very large segment of politicians and government officials use Blackberry devices for mobile email. Shutting down RIM operations in the US would effectively shut down a large segment of government communications.

    I am no fan of Blackberries and I am not connected with RIM (or NTP) in any way. BUT RIM offers corporate and government IT departments a stable and "safe" environment for mobile email. PLUS, as has been pointed out in this thread, Blackberries are a one-trick pony. They do one thing well in a closed environment. So IT departments don't have to deal with questions like "I just installed whizbangfoobar on my phone and I can't get my email anymore. What's wrong?"

    POS Treos can duplicate the functionality of Blackberry email, but are inherently less stable because they are so open. My guess is that when Blackberry Connect is available for POS Treos, IT departments will still refuse to offer them as a corporate solution for this reason. The "official" support hardware would most likely be RIM hardware. You want to use a Treo? Fine. But don't call us if it breaks. It's not on our list of supported devices.

    Now when WM Treos are available with Blackberry Connect (if ever) and IT departments can "push" out security solutions and lockdown the OS environment on your phone, they will jump all over it. But we are a ways off from that.

    Just my .02.
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    RIM is not going away and most of you aren't either reading or care to understand what goes on in typical corporate culture.

    (1) As I and someone else properly stated, if BBs are standard in an office and they are in many, there is an investment in that technology and familiarity. No need to look elsewhere and it's just another OS/system they don't need to worry about.

    (2) Just because something is more versatile doesn't mean it's more appropriate or "better" for their purposes. Many companies limit web surfing because they don't want employees playing around on company time. They get you a phone and email to do your job, end of story. I'm sure if you show them how well it plays movies they won't be impressed.

    (3) BBs are generally slimmer smaller, more compact, less things going wrong. It's a more basic device. Again, look at #2 since it is deisgned for a specific purpose and not meant to completely compete necessarily with the Treo.

    (4) I don't think there is any issue of either phone being "less professional" at all. In the business world there is complete understanding and respect for a person that carries either of these phones. Many of us have these conversations. If anyone feels insecure then perhaps there are other areas besides just the phone, lol.

    Til then, enjoy your Treo and make some money.
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    I think a lot of good points are made here. I'm the BB admin at my workplace and with us making the move to Exchange 2003 we are now exploring the Treo option as many of our execs have been asking about them.

    One thing I can say is there's a far cry difference between a blackberry user and someone using the Blackberry Enterprise Server ver 4.0. If your simply using the blackberry to have email forwarded and are still having to sync with your computer it's not such a great tool. But when you have complete wireless synchronization it changes things greatly. As an admin, wireless activation is a great feature as well. From an admin standpoint it's great to be able to ship a BB out and walk the user through a few easy steps and they are up and running.

    I tried checking out the link about the BB learning curve being steep but it wasn't available. I'd be interested in seeing this. Again, if your running BES4.0 then the learning curve isn't that steep. If you can roll a wheel and click it you can figure it out. I have given brand new BB's to some of our most computer illiterate users with nearly zero instruction, when I check back a few days later they are pros and are showing their coworkers how to use it.

    I think it comes down to what some have mentioned here is that the BB is a fantastic tool. The Treo is a tool with fun stuff included. While I am on my first day with the Treo and am working bugs out, I can say that I think it's a much better piece of hardware and offers more to you than the BB. That said, what the BB does, it does much better.

    In the end it's a toss up of what you need. Aside from the security and administration. the BB does what most corporations need so they go with it.

    I'm looking forward to exploring both options further however and will probably be in favor of my users keeping their BB's and having a Treo for myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo-mike
    Wow. I am not going to start a whole "thing" over this comment. ...
    ...So I guess I would say people who make comments like that don't understand the real power of a Mac.
    more likely, they've never really used a mac....

    I would pitch my pc for a powerbook any day.
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    Why would anyone question the status of a device. By the mere fact that you consider this shows problems with your self esteem and image. If you are worried about being judged by your phone you are hanging with the wrong crowd.
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