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    I have been a satisfied Chatter user for close to two years. Fusemail has been hosting my IMAP account (with IDLE), so I get true push email.

    I would love to synch Calendar and Contacts-- I know that Nexchange has an app that will accomplish this, using Exchange (OWA).

    So here are my questions:

    Are Exchange and IMAP separate and unrelated protocols?

    Can I keep Chatter using IMAP, and license the Nexchange PIM product, and have them host Exchange for me so that I can synch Calendar and Contacts? Can they host Exchange without my transferring domain name hosting (ie, my email address) to them?

    If I upgrade Chatter to OWA, can I migrate my IMAP mail (and its folders) to corresponding exchange folders?
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    I can answer a few of these:

    1) Exchange and IMAP are completely different (Exchange isn't really a protocol, but I know what you mean).

    2) NexChange isn't a host; it's software to sync the PIM's (calendar, contacts, etc.) with an Exchange Server.

    3) I'm not sure how you'd do this, unless you did it manually (i.e. copying messages from your PC)

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    I'm sorry for being unclear- Nexchange will host Exchange for $10 a month. If I want to keep Chatter/IMAP (along with my current host, Fusemail) , can I use Nexchange hosting and software only for the purpose of synching PIM?
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    Oh, I didn't know that about Nexchange... David?


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