I have something of a unique problem, and I'm hoping someone can help me.

I attempted to download 3.1 from Palm's site:

I plugged in the correct numbers, but their site told me that the DSN I used was already used, and to call Customer Care.

I did so, and after wading through 1st level support, their 2nd level support person took all my info and promised a call back. He did, in fact, call me back and told me that he wanted to just email me the installer for 3.1. Done.

So, I installed it. I am on a Mac, and I do use MissingSync. After installation, I fired it up... email was perfect, but the calendar sync failed EXACTLY like this:


So, I called back. After fighting with yet another 1st level support person, I asked for the Windows installer, with the hope that I can find a Windows box and get this darn thing done.

They sent me not the Windows installer, but a ZIP file of all the .prc files that were in the MAC .sit file.

So, can anyone help me out? I don't really need the whole Windows installer, just the .prc file (I think it's just one) for the AirSAMSMCalendar. These are the .prc's that I have (in the Mac version, which is apparently incomplete):

AirSAM.prc MMMailTo.prc MMVCal.prc
AirSAMPrv.prc MMNotify.prc MMVCardPlugin.prc
BGService.prc MMPRCPlugin.prc MMWave.prc
IIDataLib.prc MMPhotos.prc MMWizard.prc
MIAttachLib.prc MMPluginMGR.prc MMWordPlugin.prc
MIDataLib.prc MMSDCard.prc MultiMail.prc
MMConduit.prc MMSmartAdd.prc PalmVMFontLibrary.prc
MMConfigFPI.prc MMTextPlugin.prc SAMgr.prc
MMDiskLib.prc MMUnzipPlugin.prc
MMHtmlPlugin.prc MMUpgrade.prc

Many thanks.