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    OK Ive been down with handspring since their very first offerings but right now Im fed up. Ive owned the 600 for just over a year (and it took 5 replacements to get one that would actually work properly) and now Im having the battery problem and yesterday the screen lines problem.

    Im going to try walking into a store for a new one as of course my warranty has ran out but albeit that Palm wants me to drop $200 for a new (ummm hummm REFURBISHED) unit and Im not doing it. Considering I paid about $500 for a refurbished unit at the beginning (as my original one never worked so had to exchange from the start).

    I guess my tolerance level for handspring/ palm is now 0...and yes Im venting. I have never had a device that was so perfect for running a business on the, word, sms etc but Im am ready to make the move to something more reliable and something thats not gonna be broken down after a year.

    The prices they charge are worth it until you factor in reliability and life span of these this rate Id be better off renting one.

    Anyway what are the alternatives??? I just dont like the blackberry. Saw the Sony 990i and fell in love but I dont know if I can wait and I just know the price is gonna be out the roof but if its reliable its definitely a contender...anyone have any ideas of a unit thats good to switch to after the 600? Thanks.
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    don't know cell provider u use nor if your under contract still.
    it's not what you want to hear but I got the cingular refrub 650 unit for $139 and so far have been very happy; appears to have had about 100hrs on it plus I cannot tell that it is a refrub unit. it looks brand new to me.

    and lord the screen is beautiful
    good luck with your decision, to me a treo is a one handed wonder phone/pda would be hard to leave it though i too had thought about other models out there. I will be happy with this for the next 2 yrs
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    I know this is probably a stupid attitude, but I won't touch a Sony product again for a looong time. I've not been a fan for years. It seems every Sony item I've bought was impossible to get fixed when they broke down - and many broke down. But this clueless attitude of theirs with the BMG rootkit issue takes the cake. It will be a tough road for them to gain back my trust. Yeah-yeah, I know. But all I have is my ability to vote with my wallet; and I'm voting!
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    lplplp to the power of 3,

    My people called their people and thier people pulled some strings convincing the world of pdaphone manufactures to pull together a list of all your options and information on each option. Here it is
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    OK guys thanks for the vent...I think Im back in love with my Treo. Im glad I didint finalize the divorce

    Found a battery on eBay for $10.99 (I didnt even know this wan as option yesterday) so that takes care of my battery problem. Also found out that the screen lines is probably just a loose connection inside that I can just reconnect when I change the battery. PLus I managed to fish out my annoying pen that was stuck in the barrel.

    This ones coming back to life by hook or by crook and I even treated my phone to a new case.

    After looking at the price tag on this Sony (doesnt it look georgeous) I quickly found a solution.

    And apparently about a year is the expected (normal) battery life on the phone.

    BTW Tem please post the actual link to pdahome I cant find the post you are talking about.

    Im back to Treoland.
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    I wasnt linking to a post. I was linking to the page in the site which displays just about every pdaphone available.

    Glad youre feeling better

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