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    Hey whats up everybody I've been holding out on getting a headset (for what reason I dont know). But I was just wondering if anyone knows if this is a good buy. Thanks for your time.
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    Did you try a search for Sony HBH-610 or Sony 610? There are quite a number of threads about it.
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    Yes, do a search. Some folks really love theirs. I sent mine back. It had two problems. 1) it couldn't hold a connection for diddly and I ended up having calls transferred back to the handset regularly and 2) in can't pair with multiple devices--pairing with a second deletes the pairing with the first. Both of these are bugs in the device that I've seen others having as well. The second is an annoyance that may or may not affect you. The first is absolutely unacceptable. And no, it isn't just the Treo. It dropped connections with my old Nokia 6600 as well, perhaps even more regularly.

    That said, the 608 is supposed to be pretty good, obviously is the 662.
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    I found it to be very, very uncomfy after an hour or so of wearing. Ben
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    There's an echo in here!
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    The Sony Ericsson HBH-610 is a simple headset that's easy to use and can be worn on either ear. We also really like its flexible ear hook and snug fit, and the exchangeable decorative panels are a nice touch.
    But it is a little clunky for our tastes, and it feels awkward after you've worn it for a long period. So Best of Luck

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