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    I ordered the $139 refurb 650 from cingular. the first one I couldn't get past the initial stylus target calibration screen. I eventually got by it with a warm reset (hold up button and reset). But after any hard reset, I can't get past the screen.

    I tap the red target 2 times and it just goes back to the start with please try again.

    So I called cingular and had the send me a new refurb. I just turned this one on and it has the same problem. I know I can get past it with a soft reset, but don't want a phone that is "defective" is it?

    Once I do a soft reset I manually go to the touchscreen calibration and after a few tries can finally calibrate it.

    any ideas? should I try to get my 3rd 650???
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    any help??

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    Unless there is a screen protector installed too close to tthe edge of the screen (confusing the screen's touch detection system), I'd say it is defective.
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    Thanks, i guess it's going back...

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