Saw this thread at shadowmites site, with no answers, and I would also like to know. Anyone know this stuff?

"Can someone please help me. I want to understand the GSM ROM-custom ROM process better, and Iím confused.

Iíve noticed some differences between the custom GSM ROMs that are available and floating around and between using the GSM updater 1.13.exe file and using Shadowmite's T3 to prepare that ROM. The custom ROMs around have a different directory structure than Sprint and Verizon, so I canít follow those instructions.

The custom ROM for unlocked GSM Iíve seen around have some differences between what comes out from using Shadowmite T3 script.

For example:

1. ROM floating around has start.prc
From T3 script start.prc does not exits anywhere

Where did or does the start.prc come from? It is not in the Treo650Update.exe package 1.13, after running up to sync.

2. ROM floating around: Device Customizer Directory
Has DeviceCustomizerApp end in ".bprc"
and the 5 language files end in ".oprc"

From T3 script these 6 files end in .prc

What is the difference between a .bprc, .oprc, and a standard .prc file?

Can I just rename the ones from the T3 process to .bprc, and .oprc since start.prc calls for the file DeviceCustomizerApp.bprc?

3. ROM floating around DeviceCustomizer directory:
Device Customizer has a file "sa.dat"

From T3 script "sa.dat" does not exist

A simple file sa.dat (ďStandAloneĒ). Where does this come from? Is it really needed?

4. ROM floating around in directory:
Scenarios has RowReleaseSD.pdb

From the T3 script it is "ROWReleaseInstallWizard.pdb"

Since the files are internally exactly the same, except for the name, then I think they are interchangeable. Is that true?

5. ROM floating around in directory:
Treo650.ROW has files FirmwareUpdater ending in "brpc
and five language files ending in ".oprc"

From the T3 script all these end in ".prc"

Can I rename the .prc files coming out of the T3 process to .bprc and .oprc?

Seems to me if I donít rename these files, and also include the start.prc and sa.dat files, the flash will not work.

I am a little confused how to setup a GSM ROM from the T3 script and have it work correctly.

I could just use the floating around ROMs as a base and just customize the file, but I would like to really understand the process and how to better.