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    Quote Originally Posted by jrfaris
    On my ver 5.12, it is on the 5th preferences submenu (5 of 5) along with show tips, change voice, switch language & reset factory settings.
    On my 5 of 5 preference submenu I have show tips, change voice, switch language, reset factory settings, guided tour & next screen arrow
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    Is it possible to select all of the US an put the resulting map on a 2GB SD card? I've used iGuidance on PocketPC and you could select as many states as you wanted and cut out a map. I also use Mapopolis NavCard and the whole US fits on one 1GB SD card - no more funbling for regional maps even if the display itself is not quite as pretty as TomTom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasondeno
    I'm running v5.12. I found this by pressing my Home button, then going ot the menu and selecting Info from the left menu. I then selected Version at the bottom and looked to see what Navigator version I had. It was v.5.12.5200.

    Oddly, when I plan a route in TomTom it says I'm on v5.00.

    What gives? I purchased 5.0 and updated to 5.12. But under "info" it says 4.3.01, while in Tom Tom it says 5.0.
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