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    Using a Palm wireless IR keyboard. In e-mail, there is a huge delay between when I type a character and it appears on the screen.

    When typing anywhere outside of email (calendar, memos, etc) it types very fast.

    Any ideas why there is a delay?
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    What email program are you using? I have a 600 with Chatter and it's fast (unless I am playing Ptunes in the background...processor probably struggles a little bit.)
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    Using Goodlink through Utopia Systems.
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    I've had the same problem with Goodlink. The last couple of times I had the problem, it went away when I played music in the background. I'm using Aeroplayer and Headset control. I'm not sure what does it, or if any music in the background would work, but for some odd reason... music in the background: typing works just fine. No music in the background: big lag between typing and seeing in on the screen in Goodlink email.
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