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    Has anyone else run into problems with KeySuite alarms not always sounding on a Treo 650? Sometimes I get no alarm sound, sometimes I get what sounds like the last 1/2-second of the sound. Only very rarely does the sound come out completely right.

    At first, I thought this might be a problem with my speaker or headphone jack (I've ready about similar problems on this forum) - but the built-in Palm Calendar application's alarms sound just fine, and PocketTunes plays over the speaker with no problems as well.

    Has anyone else run into this?
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    i have the same problem with KeySuite. I also use Profilecare which may be part of the problem. i used to have no problem with these two programs however. When I was in a "vibrate profile" my keysuite alarms would vibrate. When i was in a "ring out loud" profile, I would get that. This was independent of the hardware mute switch becuase I set the profile that way. Now it seems as if the alarms only ring if the hardware mute switch is unmuted. I don't know why.

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