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    What the heck did I do wrong...
    Had assigned and changed catagories for me phone contacts on the 650 then under the 'custom' option of the hotsync icon on task bar told it to have 'handheld overwrites desktop' for the Outlook Contacts setting.

    That didn't work so I moved all the outlook contacts to a sub-folder and tried again. Both times I get a message that reads:
    The conduits were unable to attach to Outlook, possibly because the login was canceled or otherwise failed.

    Didn't realize it until now but it seems, based upon sync log, that this started after I installed then ran the Today v2.3 app (by Jonas Lindstedt).

    anyone else expericene this issue?
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    seemed to have fixed it myself, found an item on the palm site.

    at the Run command typed:
    outlook /resetfolders
    this starts up outlook, then closed it and did a palm sync and all is well again without OLERR errors.

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