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    I have a treo 650 (love it).

    I like to HotSync to my laptop at work on a daily basis. Recently, i decided to hotsync to my home computer to do a back-up....

    Would hotsyncing to two computers be a problem?

    Also, I have more Treo applications on my office laptop than at home- does that matter?

    Does it matter if I have different treo applications on each computer?

    (I have my work related programs like document to go and Epocrates installed on my work computer, but i am planning to install my new TOM TOM maps onto my home computer....)

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    Try adding your second computer as a wireless profile. You can get more info here.
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    I have been doing this for years with a series of Palm PDA's and now my Treo. I have had no problems. My experience with additional apps is that they only try to hotsync on the installed computer since that is where the conduit lies. Hope that answers your questions, by the way I have never had to use any special profiles.
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    I have also been doing this for a while with other Palm devices, but this time around I got in a bit of minor trouble. I installed my new Treo650 on my desktop and synced it and got it running. I next went to my laptop and also did an new install, using the username from the desktop. What happened is that in the process I ended up with some duplicate files and lost about 1.7 MB of memory. Everything works fine, but I would like to recover the memory. Is there anything that I can do short of a hard reset and reinstall or backup from the 1st PC to fix this?
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    This is horrible. I just synced my new Treo 650 to my home laptop (Apple Powerbook) for everything, and my work laptop (Dell) for CALENDAR ONLY, not contacts or anything else. But when I synced again, ALL of my contacts were duplicated! I do NOT want to go through and delete them one by one - I have over 2000. How do I (1) fix this, and (2) prevent it from happening again?
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    There is a tool for removing duplicates in the Palm Desktop just beside the user drop-down list. Check to be sure you contact sync is off on the dell and set that way as the default, if not it will just turn back on with the next sync. I have never used both a apple and windows machines to do this so I don't know if that may cause additional issues. You may want to back up system files to only one computer.
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    thanks. where do I find this tool? what menu?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sulli
    thanks. where do I find this tool? what menu?
    Check this (UnDupe)

    I used it to clear all the dup contacts and then did a sync with "handheld overwrite desktop".

    Consider a $10 well spent

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