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    Our company is now using Goodlink for Email/Calendar/Contact information. A user contacted us who is using Versa mail to get personal e-mail via comcast. My question is, can Goodlink and Versa mail co-exist on the same device where data is kept seperate? I don't know if Versa Mail uses the Palm's Calendar/contacts/email and I believe the Goodlink Does. If anyone has information as to these 2 mail solution will work on the same device, that would be appreciated.
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    I am using both Goodlink for Company mail, and VersaMail for mail for 3 different personal email accounts. Just be careful about memory management. If you keep too many messages in Versamail, it will cause problems with Goodlink mail or web surfing due to memory.
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    It's absolutely not a problem for the two to coexist, except for MattM2G's point about memory. Make sure the user cleans up his versamail regularly so you don't run into memory problems (or tell him not to download attachments).

    GoodLink doesn't use Palm's Calendar/Contacts/Email - it has its own set of apps. Versamail does use the built-in apps - in fact, it IS the built-in email application (and if you set up an ActiveSync account, it will also pump calendar info into the Calendar built-in app).

    If you also have Documents To Go (for viewing MS Office attachments) memory will be tight, so make sure you move DocstoGo to the card with the Dataviz TechTool from their web site.

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