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    Google Local for Mobile has been released in beta form. It's a J2ME application for accessing its local and map services. Java's a memory hog, but I finally bought PowerRun, so conserving memory space on my 650 has become a thing of the past. Here's the link:

    EDIT: Here's A disclaimer I noticed after posting this message, sorry for my confusion

    * Google Local for mobile doesn't currently support Verizon, Nextel, T-Mobile
    Alltel or U.S. Cellular phones, or Blackberry and Palm devices.

    Anyone know if a download for one of the other phones could actually be used by a 650 w/ J2ME installed?
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    It says Palm devices are not supported.
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    I've tried installing this on my 600 using the new IBM JVM. It crashes after a few seconds of use.

    Has anybody else been successful? It runs smoothly for the 10 seconds that it...uh..runs.
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