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    Anyone know about any FUN AvantGo channels? I have good news and weather channels that I load on daily (Yahoo!, Salon, NY Times, Washington Post, etc.), but are there any GAME channels or anything that are pure entertainment (as opposed to entertainment industry news)? Someone showed me something with some cool animated graphics a while ago, but I don't remember what channel it was... Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I think TheOnion is fun, some of the stories on there are hilarious.

    I would be interested in a few more fun channels though.

    I don't know of anything with animations - wouldn't that use up a rarther lot of memory?
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    Originally posted by Craig Wallace
    I think TheOnion is fun, some of the stories on there are hilarious.
    I like the onion as well, but I'm disappointed with their offerings. You can either sync to the *real* The Onion home page with full blown HTML (in which case its hard to read on a tiny 160x160 screen), or their "modile edition" which eliminates a lot of the content that I love (the one-line headlines, etc.).

    Anyone have a better solution?
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    I Like the news orf the Weird ( It isn't and official Avantgo channel, but the formatting is not too bad (just turn off images).

    What some ppl do. for example:

    "Thinning the Herd
    In September, a 34-year-old man drowned in his car after he drove through well-marked barricades and plunged into a 15-foot-deep sinkhole in Eau Claire, Wis. In August, a 42-year-old man drowned in Lake Erie near Painesville, Ohio, diving in to retrieve his favorite fishing lure. A 54-year-old man drowned in September after diving into Joe Pool Lake near Dallas after his hat."

    BTW, Its a weekly column.

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