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    OK now I'm more confused is FAT.....FAT16 ? My choices when formatting with a PC are FAT or FAT 32 Which to use for a TREO-650. Or how to format the 512 card with the treo. Thanks in advance
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    I'm using a 4gb ADaTA 150x card. It took buying a new card reader to get it recognized on the PC. The Palm recognized and formatted it (with Fat32 mod). So far so good...

    For some reason, after loading it with southpark episodes and music, my 4gb is gone.
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    SD consortium "roadmap." (PDF file on Panasonic Australia's site)..

    32gb SD cards by the end of 2007. Maybe.

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    Those with Adata 4gb card and fat32 hack. Can you record video directly to the card?
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    Adata sucks. Get a Transcend 4GB card and you won't have any problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznmode
    Those with Adata 4gb card and fat32 hack. Can you record video directly to the card?
    Yup, no problems here.

    Quote Originally Posted by fortezza
    Adata sucks. Get a Transcend 4GB card and you won't have any problems.
    Sucks for you - I have their 2G and 4G cards, and they've been great. From what I've seen on TC, I'm not the only one, either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fortezza
    Adata sucks. Get a Transcend 4GB card and you won't have any problems.
    I have transcend 150x 4gb card and I can not record video directly to the card.
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    For me, Transcend cards suck. On the other hand, the 4GB Adata card I got on the cheap from eBay, ROCKS!!!!!

    Oh, and yes, I can record videos straight to the Adata card.
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    I know nothing about Transcend, but my Adata 4GB (off ebay) works flawlessly (after an initial hiccup). Photos, video, music, sound, etc. Very happy!
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    Adata 4gb is VERY Slooowwww
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    Well, I am glad several of you have not had problems with the Adata SD cards. I had a 2GB and a 4GB and neither of them were reliable in my Treo ( I can't speak for other devices ). The 4GB I took back and exchanged for a Transcend 4GB card that worked fine, the 2GB I couldn't take back as I had spent too much time troubleshooting it ( including giving it to friends to try on their Treo's ) before I was certain it was bad.

    Hey, if it works for you, great, but I've have a bad luck with them, and after I read the Adata card reviews on Newegg and searched these boards, it looks like many others are having problems with them too.
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    I'm reviewing this conversation eleven years and four months from the last post on April 30th 2006. I bought a Palm Treo 650 from Sprint on Friday, December 3, 2004. At the time I had been recently transferred from my home in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to my new location in metro Atlanta, Georgia; Dunwoody specifically. I was feeling the pangs of homesickness and I saw the Treo 650 as something of a lifeline to home. I also bought a Treo 650 for my girlfriend up north so she was the other 'tin can' at the end of an 816 mile-long piece of 'string'. Before I overnighted my sweetheart's Treo to her I stopped-in at the CompUSA store at The Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody. The purpose of my visit was to get 1 Gigabyte SD cards for both Treos. After spending a significant amount, in cash (this is not to brag), for the pair of smartphones I was surprised(?) to find that 1 Gig SD cards were going for $100 apiece; well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

    My girlfriend took a half-day off from her job the following Monday to wait for UPS to deliver her Treo; I had to inform her of what was headed her way because I wanted/needed her to receive the package personally. She was very pleased when she opened the package to see what it contained. The Treo was our lifeline of sorts and that 1 Gig card held a lot of pictures and videos recorded with the device. I even swapped my 1 Gig card out and occasionally used it in my Kodak Z760 camera and the card still had room to spare. Whenever my girlfriend and I got together, whether it was me going home or she coming to visit, we loved to beam our photos to each other's Treo. One thing I found, which still annoys me to this day, is that in transferring media from the Treo's internal memory to the SD card is that the original file information (date, time) was lost! Ugh! I am annoyed right now. Well, at least I can approximate dates and times from the photos and videos themselves.

    In early July of 2006 my sweetheart came to Georgia to live with me. As we were making our final preps to head south my vehicle (I was towing her vehicle which was packed with her personal items; it was an impressive sight!) was broken into and we lost our laptops and her Treo was stolen too. This loss sort of signaled, or was a precursor to, the end of the Treo-era for us. My dearest went back to using her Sanyo SCP-5500 (Sprint VM-4500) flip phone as we settled in to living together in Dunwoody, GA. In the immediate confusion following the theft of our laptops we secured new, better(?), laptops at CompUSA. we barely had time to get settled when we received word that I would be transferred back to our home area. Stroke of luck, that. We used my Treo (and the Kodak Z760) for the rest of that summer to document our comings and goings in and around metro Atlanta. We were on-the-road to Elkton, MD, on September 21st 2006 stopping that evening near Quantico, VA, before rolling into Elkton, MD, at 5 PM on the 22nd of September 2006. All of this 'memory dump' of mine this morning simply because I was researching the max. SD card size for a vintage Palm Treo 650. I have kept the entire contents of my original, CompUSA-purchased 1 Gig SD listed on every device which I've owned since very early 2007. The file name is "Treo First Card 12 4 2004"; it's also backed-up on two standalone hard drives.

    The 'Treo Era' ended in late November 2006. Sprint, at that time, was ignoring service issues and my girlfriend and I decided to move everything to Verizon. The Treo still went everywhere with me as I still used it for photos and some videos. We both ended-up having Motorola Razr phones which were a sensation at that time; they weren't Treos but these Razrs were sufficient for, surprisingly, nearly two and one-half years.

    Two days ago I bought a New Old Stock Palm Treo 650 from eBay; the device is advertised as being compatible with Sprint present-day. I will be going to the local Sprint store (the same which was there when I first signed-up with Sprint in May of 2000) with my 'new' Treo to see if I can activate it as a novelty. My sweetheart (as we never did marry, first owing to a complicated divorce action of hers then later she sadly developed cancer) would mention, over the years, how she missed her Treo and that she missed 'beaming' pictures to each other back and forth. This thing I am going to try with my new/old Treo from eBay is in honor of her memory. I have found that the Palm Treo 650 can handle a 2 Gigabyte SD card in my reading here this morning and I ordered two cards from Amazon at the cost of $6 each; how far we've come in only eleven years. My Galaxy S8 Plus has 64 gigs of internal storage with a 256 Gigabyte micro SDXC card. On my S8 Plus is a file which reads, "Treo First Card 12 4 2004".

    I do still have my original Palm Treo 650 from Sprint with the original 1 Gig card still installed in the Treo's SD card slot. My Treo still powers-up and I also have the spare battery which was given to me by the appreciative Sprint store manager on Roswell Rd. which was located not far from where I lived in Dunwoody, Georgia circa 2004-2006.
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