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    Hi all, I love this board and I need some help

    Purchased a 650 from the Marketplace forum in July and am now starting to have some issues with hearing the person calling on an incoming call. The phone was purchased in March 05 so the warranty is still valid.

    WIll Cingular replace the headset for me even though I wasn't the original purchaser? Also, will they unlock it for me (I'm Cing Blue)?

    Any help is much appreciated

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    I can only guess you would have to call cingular customer service on that one. I bought a phone from "You Never Call" and it was replaced by a local sprint store a day later.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks Tem, I called Cingular and I should have my new phone tomorrow or Friday.

    What are the chances I can get them to unlock it? I had my previous phone unlocked since I am Cing Blue

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    I dont know anything about that but heres a thread on it

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