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    I have a Visor Platinum and Easy Sync for Lotus Notes. Has any one else got that combination to work? I seem to be have problems getting it to sync correctly.
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    I use easysync 3 with the Prism. It works OK.
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    Don't hotsync directly from your network based notes mail server! The trick is to make a local replica of your notes email, switch to local mode, and hot sync from your local database copy. I have my replication settings to sync my local copy to the network server every 2 minutes. (also comes in handy when the network server is not accessible , or I am on the road). I am using EasySync 3 and this method works perfectly! (Since 2/00). Seems the EasySync conduit will get confused if your Notes Mail box (on the network server) fails over to a replicate mail (alternate) server (as far as it is concerned, it's a totally different mail box, so it will default to {painfully} slow sync) The idea is you want to always sync to the {exact}same mail box, hence making a local copy and replicate from there (it will always be the same no matter where the local replica is updated from). Also, forget the idea of syncing between two different PC's. The conduit isn't designed to handle that (for the same reasons as why it doesn't take well to sync-ing to an alternate replicate mail box). Always hotsync from the same pc (unless you use pinstall.exe for program (only)installations) The Handspring backup module seems to have problems restoring notes based email & calendar, to-do, memos (I am looking into that one.. I think it's because there are some hidden databases that are not captured by the backup module}. Another handy tool to have is pinstall.exe (let's you install palm programs and pdb files witho out hotsyncing.. The notes conduit is pretty sensitive.

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    Thanks for the help. It worked great my visor and Lotus notes at work are syncing just fine. So I went home and set my home computer to handheld overwrites decktop. I then tried to sync to the palm desktop. Thinking I could get my work calendar at home. I get back the follwing error message;

    hotSync operation started 12/13/00 16:43:25
    Mail - sync configured to Do Nothing
    -- Date Book
    - The Palm Desktop does not support events before 1970. The following event was moved to 1970:
    , 3/20/1970, 6:00pm
    OK Date Book with 1 message(s)
    OK Address Book
    -- To Do List
    - The Palm Desktop does not support To Do items before 1970. The following To Do item was moved to 1970:
    x4p, Due: 11/30/1970, Priority: 0
    - The Palm Desktop does not support To Do items before 1970. The following To Do item was moved to 1970:
    IW, Due: 11/30/1970, Priority: 0
    OK To Do List with 2 message(s)
    OK Memo Pad

    I don't have any dates in for 1970, infact I only have dates in from thhe last month that I have had my visor. The above meeage says that my address book went in fine but they did not.
    Any Ideas or can't I do this with easy sync and palm??

    Thanks for any help
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    I disagree with syncing to the local copy. With multiple replica's of a notes database, there should only be ONE master, and that is the server. Laptop or desktop sync with server and palm device sync with server. It works fine.
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    Hey George_VC, whatever works for you.. I just like the local method, I tried both and local works for me.

    I have just found over time, the hard way, that local sync is the most stable way.. I didn't come up with this trick some folks at work told me (and they got the idea directly from Lotus), Yes, you can hotsync to your network server directly, and I did this for a few weeks at first, however, once you hotsync to a (network failover) replicate , it puts a kink in the works.. I think the session id# gets changed or something with sync db id num... The next sync is almost always a SLOW sync which invariably causes duplicates. You'll find out the hard way sooner or later.. Last time it I got hit with a slow sync it took almost an hour over my ISDN line to resync 6 months worth of calendar entries..! Dammed near killed my batteries in my VDX. I've been using the local copy trick since March and I haven't had one problem! But no matter how you do it (local or network direct) you can't hotsync your Visor/Palm from two different PC's, this also triggers a (painfully) slow sync. Always sync from the same pc. (I'm lucky, I have a laptop I can lug around with me from home to my work locations)

    As far as the "1970" problem, I think its something to do with funky calendar entries..(at the time they were created) I simply deleted the bogus ones and re-entered them.. seems to fix the problem..

    In any event, I find the local sync to also be much faster than a direct network sync, as my hard disk is WAAAAY faster than my network connection (even when I am on site and not at home via ISDN). I tend to sync at the end of the day, so by then my local replicate is identical to the "master" network database, replication only takes a few seconds most of the time.. (I have my replication settings set to update my local copy every 2 minutes or so during the day).. All in all this solution works very well for me.. and like I said before, it has the side benefit of leaving my mail locally, so if the network server is down, is dead, or off line (or I am not on line) I can still work, read and write e-mails, to-do's, check my calendar etc..

    Tim - If I think what you are trying to do is, snyc with your palm at work, bring your palm home, and snyc with your home pc, Forget it.. It causes slow sync syndrome if it will work at all. If fiddled around with that for a few weeks and didn't get anywhere.. (possibly I missed something, but I am pretty sure it won't work) I also recall reading something in the EasySync Documents (yes I actually read the docs) That the Easy Sync conduit isn't designed to allow multi-pc hotsync's to one palm. Seems everytime you hotsync the conduits (in the palm and in Notes - both locally I think) gets some kind of sync id#, when you go to hot sync again it sees that the id's don't match, and triggers a slow sync. (or something to that effect). From what I remember reading, slow syncs occur when the id's don't match. I guess the id's are it's way of knowing that it only has to check whats been changed if the id's match during a hotsync.

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    This is a matter of data integrity not about speed. Fast sync is fine to the server, slow sync is not invoked unless for some reason you change back and forth from local or server as seen from the visor or if you select slow sync in the conduit. Agree that one should use a local copy of mail on any and all of your remote devices. At times I have used many different devices, desktop, laptop, homepc, visor etc. I could create or reply, delete, add on any of them... each had a local copy, but the key is all sync'd to master server thus all devices are always in sync. Replication from the server time is certainly affected by how fast your network connection is, just as it affects your PC replication speed. I find it yucky to do mail on the visor, but what I do is have a folder in Notes called "visor", anything I file or drag into there ends up on the visor (via custom setting in mail conduit), also any new note I create on the visor will also be sent in case I'm bored at the dentist office and wanted to create mail while waiting. But for the most part, I do mail on the laptop, but calendar, address, journal to do's and all PIM stuff is all sync's to Notes and visor. The visor is always with me. It's great that the Palm platform supports Lotus Notes (via easysync) I don't think it is possible on a pocketPC device !

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    I've just started a new job where they use Notes R5. I've never used it before. From what I've read here and other places Easy Sync seems to be the way to go. Are there other options? I don't sync my email, just address book and calendar. The Network Services people won't support syncing software so I'm on my own to purchase, set up, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    George_VC, I agree with you on one consistent source to sync from, it's the golden rule, (see we have multiple network based (automatic) failover replicate servers, so if you are not careful, you can accidentally sync to the wrong one, triggering a slow sync, I'm pretty sure thats what the issue is where I work). (I've noticed a slow sync from a local replica goes much faster than a network based slow sync). I also agree with sending mail from my Visor, generally, I only read mail on my Visor, I think, I (once) actually wrote and outgoing email from my visor.. I mostly use the calendar, to-do and journal (memos).. (The Visor is orders of magnititude faster than booting my (old & slow p-166 64mb) laptop up if I just want to check my calendar for a free meeting time slot or add a to-do!)

    EasySync seems to be the best for Notes R5 (it's made by Lotus), for alternate Notes conduits, you can try intellisync, however I have never used it so I can't tell you anything more about it... (heck may even be better!?) I'd be curious to hear from anyone that has used intellisync.

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    Originally posted by Clare
    I've just started a new job where they use Notes R5. I've never used it before. From what I've read here and other places Easy Sync seems to be the way to go. Are there other options? I don't sync my email, just address book and calendar. The Network Services people won't support syncing software so I'm on my own to purchase, set up, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.
    The problem with EasySync is that it makes it impossible to sync with other PIMS also (unless that issue has been resolved?) .
    You might want to look at TrueSync which you can get free from and will allow simultaneous syncs to other PIMs or look at Pylon.
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    I think you can use only the conduits you want with easy sync. But I use Calendar to notes, to do's to notes, addresses to notes local address and the memo function syncs to the local Journal.nsf. I do have a friend at work that does not sync the address to the notes conduit but rather to the palm desktop that comes with the visor. I agree with EricG how nice it is to fire up the visor and in 3 sec, be looking at your schedule, the power of the palm device is it's simplicity.

    Clare, I am also using easysync versions 3 with Notes R5. I have no experience with other conduits to notes.
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    bregent - as far as I can tell the issue you mention has not been resolved due to the way easysync (still) works.. It apparently uses these hidden db's on the palm/visor device "SyncAddressDB", "SyncDatebookDB", "SyncMemoDB" , "SyncToDoDB" , these are what foul up syncing to other pim's. (Also seems to fudge up the backup module too).. They don't appear to be backed up by the module (well at least not my version of the HandSpring backup module anyway).. I also have a minijam, and I have been playing with copying these "syncdb" files to the flash memory area on the minijam, last time I did a "total" restore from the backup module (when I got my Prism) I tested my calendar, to-do's etc.. all were messed up as expected (random garbage in the entries).. I then copied the "syncdb" files from my minijam, and everything worked again (and no slow syncs)..

    - Eric

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