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    just got my cingular treo 650. installed volume care,real player,and a couple of other demos. A couple of very newbie questions as i never have had a palm product. What rograms should install purchase to get this thing on track.. I would like to use it a a schedule keeper,email getter and occasional web browsing. and of course as my phone
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    Welcome to TreoCentral!

    There are a lot of software you could install but not all of them may apply to your situation (plus some that causes problems).

    At this point, I would suggest you get use your phone and get familiar with the base applications. The base calendar app can keep your schedule (specially if you sync with your desktop Calendar/Scheduler like MS Outlook).

    For email, I have not used the based email because of particular requirements I have. Some user are happy with it, other use applications like Chatter, SnapperMail, etc.

    If you have some other functions you particularly need you can certainly post and ask.
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    SnapperMail is awesome! Most of the included apps work best for new users, have good functionality. I use multiclock 2.60 from as I travel quite a bit.
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    If you havent already, do some searching on this site for similar threads. Acouple of things to think about to get you started:

    1) An SD Card - Allows you to store all sorts of stuff on it like photos, video, even programs.

    2) A launcher - Allows you change the appearance of you Treo, create shortcuts, use themes, etc. Zlauncher is a great one that in many cases allows you to move programs out of RAM and onto your SD Card. It will create also create a shortcut for you to launch the program.

    3) A back up program - BackUpBuddy VFS for example will allow you to back up your entire Treo onto your SD card. You can schedule automatic back ups, do it manually, do complete or partial back ups, create restore points (A back up point that does not get over written when you perform a standard back up so you can restore back to that poitn)....

    Good Luck!
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    You also may want to look at THIS THREAD, if you plan to use Documents to Go with your Treo. It's a great piece of advice.
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    Here's what I use for calendar, email & web apps:

    Calendar: TMP
    Good, solid calendar software with a clean, customizable display.

    Email: Versamail (Treo's default email app)
    Alot of Treo users prefer other email apps to Versamail, but it works well for me. Admittedly, I do more text messaging than email on my phone.

    Web browser: Blazer (Treo's default browser)
    I've tried other browsers but didn't like anything else more than Blazer.

    Other software ideas:
    Voice dialing:
    Voice Signal
    I'm a big fan of this software. Works well (recognizes my voice commands) without needing to provide voice samples to "train" the software.

    MobiTV: MobiTV
    TV on your Treo. $10 monthly subscription, but very cool...

    pTunes Deluxe: pTunes
    Allows you to listen to streaming audio on your Treo. Cool...

    Some extras to consider:
    Expansion card: Really, this is a must. Get at least a 1GB card.

    Bluetooth headset: I've just picked up a Plantronics 640 -- expensive, but works great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dimensiondvdrob
    You also may want to look at THIS THREAD, if you plan to use Documents to Go with your Treo. It's a great piece of advice.
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    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    And there you have it, Perry's first groupie!
    LOL, Insertion!
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    Double Lol !!
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    emailed cingular about unlocking my phone and this is what they wrote back to me what do u make of it. thank you for taking the time to e-mail Cingular Wireless regarding your
    unlock code. I apologize for any inconvenience. I am happy to help you
    with your inquiry.

    Cingular's International Roaming feature does not require the handset to
    be unlocked. All we have to do is add the international roaming feature
    to your account. If you would like to submit for the unlock code send
    your Treo's IMEI number. The subsidy unlock code investigation can take
    48-72 hours.

    We at Cingular Wireless appreciate your business and value you as a
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    That's because they want you to pay up the yin yang for int'l roaming rather than using a prepaid SIM from another provider
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    doesn't look like a big deal... just send the IMIE number.

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