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    Hello. I have popupnote in my treo 650, and hackmaster, but I don t know what i have to do to bring up popupnote. I have enabled it on hackmaster but what I have to do now?
    Thank you
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    I don't think hackmaster works on Treo 650 (Palm OS 5 and above)
    What version of hackmaster do you have and do you have the link for popupnote?
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    What is popupnote, and where did you get it praytell?
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    popupnote it s a program to pup up the memo application in the application where you are. I have the 0.9 hackmaster with the 1.0 pop up note buet i don t know how to brin gup it. What can i do?
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    But where did you get popupnote?

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