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    So one of my users is having a new issue with their Treo. Just started today - they can hotsync fine via BT, but they are unable to hotsync via USB. I have tried several cables and keep getting the "port is in use" error that many have seen with BT. After reading the forums, it seems the consensus is that there may be a physical short in the Treo itself? Any one else have any thoughts on how to fix this before going after a replacement? Thanks.
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    WOW! I posted this same thing yesterday, i can't sync through USB
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    Usually this means the port is in use and you need to create a new Com Port. I have forgotten how to do this and was actually about to post the same problem/question before searching and finding your post. Does anyone have an answer to this problem? Thanks.
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    I had this problem with Ptunes, it would cause the port to be left open. I eventually had to uninstall ptunes and resync.
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    Try rebooting. I have noticed times when the Treo USB will become unavail (lack of refresh within the system), and for me only a reboot will get it back.

    As it is a USB connection, your PC should make alive sufficient 'comm's to handle the USB port through the USB master hub...

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    I had this same problem or at least I think. I reviewed the Palm One Trouble Shooting and found the following.

    I ended up at Palm One Support at the USB Registry Utility:

    It says:

    "The USB Registry Utility for Windows corrects issues that can occur when attempting a HotSync operation using a USB connection; it is useful where your PC does not react when you start a HotSync operation. In other words, you see no HotSync progress dialog nor do you see Windows recognizing that new hardware has been attached to your PC.

    The utility removes the USB driver entries from your Windows registry and performs some other cleanups rom older installations. Upon the next synchronization, Windows should see your handheld as a USB device it has never seen before. "

    I used the utility and it now is working. Maybe this will solve the issue like it did for me. I tried several other solutions to no avail.
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    Resetting just worked for me. I think PTunes was the problem, but I didn't have to uninstall it.

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