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    I want to tether my Treo 650 to my laptop using a USB cable. I've searched the web and this site and haven't been able to find answers to these questions:

    1) What type of cable do I need? Will the USB sync cable that came with the phone work, or do I need another type of USB cable?

    2) What settings do I need to configure on the Treo?

    3) The laptop is running Linux 2.6.12 with devfs (not udev). What will the device file name be? I've got hotsync working with jpilot, which uses /dev/usb/tts/1.

    Pointers to USB tethering HOWTOs appreciated. Everything I've found
    is Bluetooth only.
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    With windows, you can run PDAnet. I don't know about Linux, probably nothing.
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    I can only find information on doing Bluetooth DUN and Linux.

    You could try doing a search for tethered in the forum to see if that turns up any useful information.
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    Ok, the Linux thing seems to have thrown people off. Mostly I want to know whether it's possible to use the USB sync cable that comes with the phone to do DUN under any OS. Does this work under Windows? It sounds like the answer is yes, based on whatever7's answer about PDAnet.

    Is it possible to get DUN over USB hotsync cable working without installing PDAnet on the Treo? Is PDAnet just an easier way to get this configured?

    I can figure out how to get it working under Linux if it works on Windows, but if someone's already figured this out I'd rather just copy their work
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    It's possible with Windows using PdaNet. It has a component installed in Windows and one that's installed on the Treo. There is also Wireless Modem for Mac (and maybe Linux).

    Here are instructions I found for a Treo 600, but the procedure might different for the 650.

    Linux users can do it for free:

    1. Put Treo in Tethered mode dialling #*83843733(#*TETHERED), on the screen appears Tethered mode ON. In the Tethered mode, the internal modem connects directly to the USB port in the Treo.
    2. Configure your PPP connection Here, you can use your favourite PPP configurator, but you need to set modem to /dev/ttyUSB1
    Suggestion: Use pppconf, it's very easy. You need:
    Connection name, Phone number, user, password.
    execute (root please!):
    3. Turn your connection on using the command: pon connection_name
    Where, connection_name, is the name given at pppconf.
    4. Turn your connection off Off course...
    poff connection_nam
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    I spent a few hours last night playing with this. #*83843733 puts the phone into tethered mode, but it doesn't appear visible to Linux at this point. I don't think this is a Linux problem -- the Treo doesn't appear on the USB bus unless the Hotsync button on the USB cable is pressed, but that doesn't work when in tethered mode. I've also read similar comments from the author of the Linux Visor driver that the Treo 650 uses.

    I've tried connecting a terminal program to /dev/ttyUSB0 when in hotsync mode, and as soon as I type something to the phone, it resets. /dev/ttyUSB1 just spews garbage when in hotsync mode.

    Does anyone know how to get the Treo 650 to show up as a tethered device on the USB cable in Windows, MacOS, ... without PDAnet or other special software? Thanks.

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