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    If I purchase an unlocked GSM phone, can I take it to any gsm carrier to activate it? And in the future if I want to switch carriers, can I take it to another carrier? Can it be unlocked or locked by any carrier?

    I hope that made sense...thanks for the help.

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    Yes you can take it to any gsm carrier. I dont know if it becomes locked when yo try to go from one carrier to another but even then there are easy ways to unlock it.
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    The GSM technology uses SIM card to store the phone carrier related information. Buy an unlocked phone and buy a SIM card from GSM carrier of your choice. The carrier activates the SIM card not the phone. Put the card in the phone and dial and talk. Walk down to GSM carrier number 2 and repeat. By swapping SIMs you can have 2 numbers for the same phone provided by 2 GSM carriers. (People do this for office and home use.) Or wait a year or two till the contract runs out with the first GSM carrier and then go to GSM carrier number 2 and ask them to port number to the new SIM.

    As far as I know inserting a SIM card into an unlocked phone does not lock the phone to the GSM carrier where you got the SIM from.

    I hope that helped.
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    Good answer

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