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    Whats a good Astronomy Program for Palm???

    Any suggestions would be great.
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    Star Pilot was the first app I registered for my original Palm III, and it works great on any of the Visors (especially the Prism).
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    Thanks, That is just what I was looking for. My Nephew will be so happy. Giving him my old (less than a year) Visor Deluxe and getting me a Prism. :-)

    Hey loves Astronomy and thought he would like something for the Visor.

    Thanks Again,
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    There is also Planetarium. It can be found at

    I haven't campaired the two recently but Planetarium is what I have on my Visor. As I recall, Planetarium put things "all-in-one" versus a number of different apps.
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    Check these out:

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