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    The makers of PocketDIVXEncoder have new encoding software called Lathe and the website says it has Treo 600 and 650 support. Anyone tried this yet?
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    I thought encoding is no longer necessary with TCPMP.
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    I've used it and it works for me. I used it to convert two 850MB files from my ReplayTV to ~120MB files for transfer to my SD card. I told it to convert two hour-long shows, went and got coffee and when I got back, it was done and ready to transfer to the SD card.

    TCPMP would play the original files, but I didn't want to chew up all my storage.
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    Downloaded it, installed it.
    Program Screen is all shades of misaligned
    According to their site, they're aware of this and suggest I change font sizes, screen resolutions, etc. as a work around.
    Unaceptable in my book, they claim they will be "fixing it" in a future build.
    Right now I'd say it's still alpha
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    Yup...used it. It's 'alpha' software, but they are working on it. If you can put up with the bugs, you can usually get it to work most of the time. When it does work it does a pretty good job.
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    I'm using it (not their beta version though). I rather like it. Very good price.

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