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    Hi Everyone

    Am migrating my data & softwares from my Clie to my Treo 650. Was working fine up to the point I loaded Agendus 6 & ACT! Link 2.0. Now, my Green Phone button activates the Calendar software instead of the Phone software. Pressing it multiple times toggles to the other views of the Calendar.

    Appreciate any help/tips on resolving this!


    - LH
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    look at the agendus buttons prefs
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    You could start with deleting the saved and unsaved preferences to agendas.

    This may help, its info on finding glitches.
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    Last time this happened to me, my "phone" app was hosed. If you have FileZ or something similar, can you see the PhoneCallDB file?

    Mine was missing, and I just copied it from a card backup, reset, and all was good.

    Even if you don't have a backup program, it should be in your hotsync folder. Give that a shot before anything else. I'd be interested in knowing if that fixed it.
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    You could just use this app to fix the phone button
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    Thanks everyone for their replies! Much appreciated! :-)

    I took the "easy" way out with a hard reset, since I have just started loading the softwares. Figured that it would take me less time to key in the registration numbers, than to try to troubleshoot the problem. :-)

    Will keep in mind the suggestions & shall try them out the next time this happens. Hopefully will never need to use them! ;-)

    - LH

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