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    I need help!! I've installed Card Export II, v2.19 on my Treo 600 and it was working very well... but since yesterday, the program can't connect to the PC to see my SD as a disk drive.

    The error that the program send, is: "Cannot send USB descriptor. Host Failure?"

    Any ideas to solve this problem?? I've reinstalled the program, erasing the prc and the 68k file using "Filez", but doesn't work...
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    Are you able to sync with your Treo 600 and your PC?

    See if this thread could help (although it is not Card Export issue but USB).
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    Card Export Fix: (TC thread)
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    Thanks TreoRenegade!!! I've deleted the "pusb" using Filez, as the thread that you sent me recommends and Card Export working again!!!
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    Thank you Dynax and TreoRenegade, just added this the suggested thread for 600 users.
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    wow... that's incredible.... my cardexport stopped working on thursday also... wierd

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