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    I have a story to tell. Was wondering if im the only one to have gone though this.
    When I got my treo last year, I was determined to master it, and improve it in every way possible. I downloaded a zillion apps for it. Over time, I deleted a few, kept a few. There was even some that I considered "must have"
    I had finally gotten Z Launcher just the way I wanted it. Perfect skin, great plugin app, tabs were finally working right. P Tunes was streaming music like it was suppose to, and Agendus Pro was doing its job.
    But then something changed in the way I viewed my treo. I realized that has I was adding apps, with the goal of making my life easier, I had in reality complicated things even more! I spent more time in Bonsai getting things right then actually doing what i was supposed to do. I spent more time searching for the perfect icon for my task in agendus, then moving on and doing something more important. And Real Player? Please, i didn't even think that app even worked, so I had to keep pocket tunes. it was a "must have"!
    Then came the resets, long load times, and even times when my treo wouldn't even turn on without a reset to wake it up.
    So I started deleted things. Z Launcher was the first to go. Wasn't easy to delete because i had spent so much time searching for skins, customizing, and learning the darn app. And now just as i finally mastered it, i deleted it. I wasn't sure if i would survive.
    Then went pocket tunes. I never even tried real player. I didn't know if it even played music. But sure enough, it works! It did play my mp3's. And i was happy.
    Next to go was Bonsai. I didn't even shed a tear for this one. Just took way too much time to get everything right.
    Next was Agendus. This was the hardest of them all. I had version 10 . whatever now. Pro edition. Loved the power search features, and having my memos, tasks, and calender in one spot. But did I need it? Did it make me more productive? Did it really save me more time? What the hell, I deleted that too. And you know what i discovered? That the dafault calender, task, and memo programs aren't that bad at all! It just seems cleaner, more smooth, easier to use, and just felt more right (whatever that means). I didn't die, and my treo was now working better then ever.
    Then i took it too far. I crossed the line with my simplicity project. I deleted Chatter. I figured that I really don't need push email, and to give Versamail another shot. But when I realizied that versamail wasn't getting all of my new mail, sometimes not even synching at its scheduled time, and slowing my hotsnyc to a crawl, i went back to chatter.
    At the end of the day, i think i figured out what really are "must have" apps.
    Butler, Volume Care, and Chatter. Has anyone else gone through this stage in their relationship with their treo 650?
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    I know how you feel, BUT...

    though I have many MANY apps in my treo, they are ALL painstakingly selected, installed one at a time with a few days between each installation, and PalmInternal's Speed Test is ALWAYS consulted as a part of checking out a new application.

    If you're careful, you can have your cake and eat it too; if you just install dozens of apps at the same time and something goes wrong or the palm slows down, you'll never know what the problem is.

    And finally, there's the tweaking stage, and then the use stage of a device. For the first two months of owning my Kyocera 7135, i was tweaking and playing wiht it every freaking day, kind of like now with my treo. But then after that period, I pretty much stopped playing with it. When I finally switched to the treo, my Agendus was like 4 versions old, and in fact most of my software wasn't even close to current. But it was stable and had the features I needed.

    By being careful and deliberate, you can have it all with the treo. Then leave it alone and start using it. ;-)

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
    Psion 3a -> Psion 3c -> Palm IIIXE -> Palm VIIx -> Kyocera 7135 -> Treo 650 -> Centro

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