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    I have somewhat of an intricate problem: I have a Treo 650 which I use for business and personal, and is the primary device for updating and synching information.

    I also have a navigation device which has Pocket PC, and I would like to keep all data current on this device too.

    So the issue is:
    1) I would like to use the Treo 650 to synch up to Palm Desktop, which is my preferred program
    2) I would also like to make sure that all Calendar, Tasks and Contatc data are copied to Outlook so that they are synched with my PPC device

    I.e. I need a solution where I use the Treo as my primary device synching with Palm desktop as the primary desktop app - however at the same time copying all info to the PPC device.

    If possible I could use the PPC device to synch with both programs too, but this is not a necessity. I am happy using my Treo as the primary device, and that PPC/Outlook for copy of the data only.
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    As far as I'm aware, you can't sync calendar/tasks/memos/contacts to both Palm desktop & Outlook. You have to chooose.

    I use outlook for the above & also sync my T3 so it has the same data as my treo. All the other programs are sync'd with palm desktop.

    To have the same info on the ppc & Treo you need to sync with outlook.
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    Actually, it's easy if you have a Sprint Treo 650. Look on the CD for the directory that has the file conduitconfig.dll. Copy that directory and the sub directories to your desktop. then create 2 .cmd files. palm.cmd and outlook.cmd in the same directory.

    The palm.cmd file will have 1 line. outlookswitcher.exe /palm
    The outlook.cmd file will have outlookswitcher.exe /outlook

    When you want to sync with Palm Desktop, run the palm.cmd file first, and the same with outlook. I would guess the other carriers have a similar utility, but I don't know for sure. I have the same situation, but I'm hoping TomTom that I just bought will let me retire the pocket PC. TomTom is a lot better than Navman SmartSt that I tried before, but I still prefer iGuidance on my PPC.

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