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    I finally broke down and got the treo 650 from cingular. Got a refurb, but its practically brand new. No scratches...nothing. It even said 0 minutes used. They probably reset it, but still. Good feeling nonetheless.

    Anyways, I was wondering what are teh best free apps out there. I've seen threads with just apps, but is there a place with free apps?
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    Check this thread, i posted some

    here are some more
    Unit2unit converter
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    Quote Originally Posted by methad
    It even said 0 minutes used.
    How do you ck the minutes used? BTW I have Sprint (in case it's different depending on the provider).
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    i beleive u just press #786 or #768 at the phone prompt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by methad
    i beleive u just press #786 or #768 at the phone prompt.

    with a sprint tre0 650..these numbers do not get that info..pls advise..thx
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    not sure then. you may want to ask in another thread or check out
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    Quote Originally Posted by intrepid2
    with a sprint tre0 650..these numbers do not get that info..pls advise..thx
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    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeReaction

    that works..thanks
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    Great. thanks, StrangeReaction.

    One other question. That "RTN" screen which showed the Life Timer also showed a Warranty Date of 8-17-2005. I didn't buy the phone and start service until October 05. Is the difference anything to be concerned about?
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    Directory Assistant is definately one of my most used apps... and its free to boot.
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    palmPDF reader
    Treoing & Loving it
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    DA - Definetly Awesome

    Best free app out there!
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    A nice program for keeping track of monthly minutes used on your Treo is "Minutes PLUS".

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    Addit from palm gives you free news and weather. It also makes it easy to download trial applications. I have used it extensively and it works really well. Palm says they will be rolling other free features into Addit over the coming months so it will be interesting to see what else pops up. You can download it from
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    Best multimedia is TCPMP
    Best util is still Filez
    Best java is Kmaps or Opera
    Best game...too many to choose from
    Best productivity is probably PalmFiction, progect, SEid, etc
    Best web app is probably DA, Chatopus (free IM), Avantgo (still nice imo with RSS feeds)

    Tons of others too many to mention...
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