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    I may want to remove Outlook Contacts and Outlook Notes from my Treo.

    How can I do this en-mass? (couple of thousand contacts would be hard to delete one at a time

    I may also decide to remove the Calendar and maybe the Task... How can I get them off my Treo?

    I may decide to remove all Outlook data but leave the program on the Treo in an inactive state... disabling syncronization... how can I remove all Outlook data at once?

    Finally I may decide to get rid of Outlook all together... how can I delete the application from my Treo?

    Thanks for any help.
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    To delete all contacts on Treo (Assuming you are not using third-party software):

    1) Create a new folder in Outlook and move all your contacts to it leaving none in the main Contacts folder.

    2) Set your hotsync setting for Contacts to "Desktop Overwrites Handheld".

    3) Sync

    4) In Outlook, move your contacts back to the main Contacts folder and delete the folder you created in step 1.
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    Gee, isn't there a way to get Outlook Data off my Palm other than messing with Outlook files on my PC?

    And, isn't all the Outlook data in a single file? Or are the Contacts seperate from the Reminders, Calendar, and other Outlook stuff ??

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    There is no "Outlook data" on the Treo, apart from the Contacts, Calendar, Memos and Tasks that may have been populated via hotsync. To delete all the data in these databases, use FileZ and delete:
    For Contacts: ContactsDB-PAdd & AddressDB

    For Calendar: CalendarDB-PDat & DatebookDB

    For Memos: MemosDB-PMem & MemoDB

    For Tasks: TasksDB-PTod & ToDoDB

    After deleting the databases for a PIM app, make sure to launch the app, so that new, empty DBs will be built.
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    Thanks Bill. That should do it.

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