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    I just purchased my 650 about 3 days ago and have stumbled across the ability to stream audio from shoutcast to ptunes. Yes, I do have ptunes deluxe (required for streaming, version 3.0.3). When I click on listen now in blazer it gives me the ability to save the .pls file to the web or my sd card. When I save to the web and press open it simply opens a new window in blazer and does nothing, as opposed to automatically opening in ptunes. When I save it to my sd card it seems to save it, but when I attempt to open the file (.pls) in ptunes it does not display any .pls files on my sd card (I do not have the option to open after I download the file to my sd card, just save). I can manually type in the address of the stream in ptunes but would really rather not. If anybody has any suggestion please share.

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    Did you install Docs to Go 8 by chance?
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    Man, that Doc to Go 8 looks nasty. It seems to be clashing with a whole heap of other software.
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    Do you have Ptunes installed on the phone or the card? You will not be able to play ShoutCast stations from your web browser when Pocket Tunes is installed to an expansion card.
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    I'm having the same problem. Ptunes is installed on my phone, not my card. Yes, I upgraded Docs to go. Any help would be appreciated as i am waiting for an answer as well.
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    jfire, this won't fix your issue with docs to go, but you can manually input the url's to the streams you wish to have in ptunes until you get your solution. Just save the .pls file to your computer desktop, open it in notepad, and there should be the address you need. In ptunes, select open, internet audio, and new. then type your address. once you connect, be sure and bookmark. hope this helps.
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    I moved Ptunes to the card with PowerRUN and I can still stream audio, but as the answer to the question it could be a blazer problem with the association to .pls files or it could be Doc's 8. Try checking the associations with Resco or something and see if.pls files are there and what they are associated to.
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    So what is the deal with pTunes & Docs to Go 8? I've got 7, and its working fine, but I was trying to fix the same problem you we're having with someone's 650 today. Everything was identicle to what this guys was, except his wouldn't show pTunes as an option to save too when we tried to stream. It was the card or web. I can't for the love of me figure it out.

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