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    I use Install Tool to install applications on my Treo...

    Is this the best tool to use for this?

    If not what?

    Thanks for any help.
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    It works, doesn't it?
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    i beam all my apps to my treo via IR. that way if there is any unstable behavior the latest added app is not in my backup folder. i only hotsync once i have a stable setup (while adding new apps) or when i add new appt., todos or contacts.
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    I use a program called GoSync and I setup the conduits to do what I want. I have one that disables all but install. This way there is no backup process. But, generally, I perform a backup with BackupBuddy and BackupMan before I install something new.
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    I usually back up as well, then send the file by bluetooth transfer.
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    bluetooth is the best way for me too
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    What I hate with installing from the desktop (apart from leaving registry garbage) - is that some software really doesn't do (doesn't need) anything from the desktop except it wants to phone home. I don't want it to jam up my already slow internet connection on my PC/Laptop and I don't want software on my machine to phone home everytime I reboot.

    So, I normally just find the PDB file and copy it to the machine.
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    I use a USB card reader for transfering apps to my SD card. With Zlauncher it's easy to launch apps directly from it.
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    I use a couple of options. If I am comfortable that the program will not do too much harm, based on the learned opinions of the other users here and their experiences, I use Pilot Install ( There are a couple of threads on this blog that talk about how to get it to work properly without knocking out your hotsync conduits.

    If I want to just drop a program on to my PDA I use Card Export ( to see my SD card as though it were a flash drive and simply drop the program into the launcher folder and give it a shot.

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