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    I'm very, very, VERY excited about this. I'm testing an upcoming version of OWA Exchange from Chatter. It does NOT require a VPN account or any special software; just Chatter.

    I use OWA for work, and that's all they give me access to. The admins won't allow it to be used with Good or any other company. How Marc got this to work is beyond me. All I did was give him the web address I use to access OWA, and now I finally have my work email on my 650! This is huge for me because I am very mobile around my building at work, and it's been a pain having to go back to my office to check for support emails from staff, etc.

    It will be a special feature that is charged separately ($29), and I'm anxious to pay it. Matter fact, I told Marc that if could actually pull this off I'd pay him the $29 and donate another $29 for further development. So far, it's great, and I can even send mail via the Exchange account.

    Marc, keep up the great work! You've just enhanced my work performance!
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    Thats what happens when something good gets into marcs comes out breath taking.
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    Nice statement. I couldn't have said it better.
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    I this the result of the collaboration with Nextworks? When will nexmail uses get the chatter functionality?
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    This is the result of a licensing arrangement between Nextworks and Chatter. The functionality is a plug-in. There's a post somewhere around here with the details (or on my site at

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    Very nice. This is my 2nd day of using it at work, and I already have jealous workmates. They wonder how I got their message so quickly and then I whip out the Treo 650 and show them.
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    I'm sorry I bought this phone. I've had it close to a year and it definitely has not delivered as promised. I bought it because I like some of the hardware features, but it has become all too obvious that the software does not operate "out of the box" as advertised. I've spent way too much time and money trying to get it to do what I beleived it would, moblie synchronization with my exchange server.

    I've got another year on my service agreement (actually I'm quite happy with Sprint's service) is up and I can get a big discount on a new device. Maybe by that time Microsoft will have Exchange Activesync working well with PPC (or Treo Windows for that matter). I think eventually they will and it will basically be a free solution (I hope).
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    ptherson - Email me, please, at
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    i am dying for the beta......

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