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    I've been an ACT! user for years on the PC. I also sync it (and use ACT for Palm) to my Kyocera Palmphone. I'm trying to figure out what my best combination of options is on the Mac side (will be switching to a Treo soon as well).

    Is it Entourage for contacts and sync somehow to that? I'd also really like to be able to use group calendaring with my business partner as well so if we could use hosted Exchange or something like that it might help.

    How about Now Up-to-date Contact? I looked at that briefly last year when I switched to Mac and wasn't overwhelmed. Is it as good as ACT?

    Other options? Maybe use iCal somehow and my .Mac account?

    I tried a basic search and didn't find my answer, but maybe I didn't look hard enough. Please point me to the best threads if my questions have already been covered.

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    The latest Entourage works with Exchange Server (In theory) but I haven't used it.
    I think Entourage is a great product but some others are probably just as good. There is a conduit for Entourage so syncing with Palm is not a problem.
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    Thanks for that, but I'm really curious about how people have used Entourage for Contact Management, if in fact someone is doing that. Thanks.
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    I meant I haven't used it with Exchange. I use Entourage daily.(every 3 minutes it seems)

    Currently, it's more robust than Ical/Mail/address book. I've tried to use them instead but they aren't there yet. Plus, no notes program which Entourage has. Please don't anyone claim that Stickies is the Apple replacement for notes.

    I have about 1,000 contacts and no complaints about it's sync with Treo but I don't send much mail or ever need mailing addresses.

    I'm not using Isync since Entourage has it's own conduit.
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    Howdy-- I've been using Now Contact/Now up to Date for years. It syncs flawlessly with the mac (I use missing sync). They are very versatile and robust- highly recommended....
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    I talked with act today and they will be coming out with a brand new program that can be used with the treo 650. They said they were looking at a mid March launch. This is good news Act is by far the best contact manager out there especially if you need to group contacts in more than one group.
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    ^ Are they coming out with a Mac version of ACT?
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiVeyx
    ^ Are they coming out with a Mac version of ACT?
    I had the exact same question. I doubt it, but I suppose its worth a call.

    I tried Now Up-to-date / contact. I found it annoying to have two different programs, one for contact, one for calendar. They should be the same program. Similar problem with ical/mac contact. I switched from Entourage mail to iMail, but I'm about to switch back.

    Now we just need spotlight to search Entourage mail somehow.
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    I use entourage all the time. We use it in our office and share calendars (through shared projects) over our network. We share the contacts we want through shared projects. This is great for developing mailing lists. Project center is unbeatable. It's great for sharing files too.
    I find that Entourage is much better than Outlook on the Windows side. It works fine with a .Mac account. It syncs fine with my Treo. If you want to go a step further, you can get a program to sync Entourage with iCal & Address book. You can create merged documents in Word from your contacts. It's just a fantastic program
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    Thanks for that post. Do you know if you run an Exchange server on your network, or are you just doing shared projects to others on the network, or to some other server/storage device? We like Entourage a lot too. We temporarily switched to Apple Mail but have now switched back.

    Is there some sort of *****'s Guide to doing this that you guys know of? Thanks for your help.
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    I found out how to use Projects by trying different things. We use a spare windows PC, running windows, and use it like a server. Later we want to use a Mac so we can share photos and videos better. For now we use the PC.

    We set up a profile on it and gave it a name and password. We then allowed the Macs to acccess that PC's profile over the network and used it to share files. When you have a project set up in Entourage and ask it to share the project you need to tell it where to put the shared files. Direct it to a folder on the PC. Be sure that you tell Entourage to auto share files from your project and any one who shares that project. Once you have it set up you can invite others to be part of the Project. There is a little yellow icon where you can set it up to share and then invite people. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask more if you need to..
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    Just got my update for the new Act for Palm. It is called Palm OS 2006. In the literature sent it states New Products must be added in the Windows product. I guess this means it doesn't work with Mac.

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